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The How-To category is the category if you both want to learn more about sex. The How-To category of Porn for Couples has a wide range of sex education and is made for every couple who loves porn movies and sex. For example, are you wondering what it is like to have sex with a woman or a man for the first time? Or do you want to try anal sex? We have it all. 
What is it like to make love as a woman to another woman? Jessica Drake's How-To Guide To Wicked Sex: Woman To Woman - Chastity Lynn & Sovereign Syre takes you into the ultimate porn education movie. Learn everything from two women who are having sex, using different techniques and end up both with intense orgasms. 
As a couple, it is possible that you both are insecure about the fact how you can seduce each other with words in a correct and erotic way. In this porn movie Nina Hartley’s Guide To Hot Talk Part 3, the man get tips and tricks how to seduce a woman with words and encourage her to eventually have rough sex. 
The two erotic films that are mentioned before are part of a wide range of sex education. Are you ready for more challenge after watching different How To's? Then watch for example our next level videos of rough sex and BDSM and enjoy.

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