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All our couple movies at Porn for Couples are unique. But which erotic movies do most couples find astonishing? Those movies are hard to find! Or not? We have made it as easy as possible for you and your lover by listing the most watched videos. Do you want to know which videos? Then quickly discover the category "Most Viewed"!
 One of the most viewed sex videos is from director Hank Hoffman in "Camera Angle: Casey Calvert & Jay Smooth". The reason why this video is watched so often is because of the exciting images full of passionate and hot sex. As a result, porn for couples is filmed in an erotic experience.

This hot and sexual video "Check in Check Out: The Threesome" from Roberte Valtuene has it all. Different couples all go crazy in a hotel where they have strange, surprising and exciting experiences. From different kinky scenes to hot threesomes. Are you ready for sexual gratification?

 Many of our viewers are wildly enthusiastic about the porn for couples video "He Was First In My Ass" by Erika Lust. A woman in this video is inspired by an erotic anal sex book and decides that it is time for sexual freedom. She is taken hard in the ass by her lover! Watch out, this video can be a reason for trying anal...

Sometimes you have no idea what kind of movie you want to watch together. There are so many good porn movies! A category like Most Viewed is therefore a good category to start with. From there you can get both preference for certain categories, such as Sweet & Sensual and Outdoor. Are you watching too?